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So last night I was going to see them amazing Frank Turner in Whelans last night (for only €13.50? Bargain!). Before I get into my make up can I just say how mind blowingly amazing he was? I had heard good things about him but nothing prepared me for how goo the show actually was. If you havent heard of him go give him a listen because I guarantee you wont regret it. He’s like Mumford & Sons but a bit more on the punk side, just amazing. Songs I would recommend are Reasons Not To Be An Idiot, Photosynthesis, The Road and The Real Damage. Oh and did I mention he’s rather easy on the eyes too?

Anyways on to the general point of this post which is what I was wearing on my face to said gig.

Foundation: MAC ProLongwear in NC15
Concealer:  Garnier Eye Roll-on, Inglot Cream Concealer (#)
Powder: Inglot Loose Powder (#11)
Blush: Natural Collection in Pink Cloud
Highlight:  Virgin from urban Decay’s Naked Pallete
Lips: Rossetto from the Kate Moss for Rimmel (swatches here)

Primer: MAC Painterly paint pot
Eye Shadows:
(all from Urban Decay Naked Palette)
Inner corner & lower lash line – Half Baked

All over lid – Naked
Crease – Buck
Centre of lid – Smog
Outer corner – Hustle
Liquid Eye Liner:  Illamasqua Precision Ink in Abyss
Gel Liner: Inglot gel liner #77
Mascara: (this got a little out of hand)
Maybelline – Cat Eyes, Falsies AND One By One 


As I am sure many of you are aware I am a massive Green Day fan and have been since the tender age of 7. Green Day have always had a massive influence on me from my personality, the clothes I wear, friends I have made the whole package really. I have never wanted my blog or YouTube to be just about make up because then it wouldn’t be true to me, I have always wanted to incorporate my love of music into it as well so here it is.


This series came from a conversation with my lovely friend Amy who suggested I do Green Day tutorials which in turn has become the idea of creating make up looks based the artwork of Green Day albums, which has already proven to be harder than you would assume due to the very small colour range seen in their artwork, but where’s the fun without a challenge right? Every week (or so) I will pick an album name from this thing and do a tutorial based on the artwork of said album.

The first one to come out was International Superhits which is a compilations album but an album none the less.

Here’s the artwork:

As you can see the prominant colours are red, orange, pink and black, and here is the look I came up with:

As you can see it doesn’t look too over the top and I think MAC’s Girl About Town is the perfect shade of pink for this look.

Primer: MAC Painterly paint pot
Eye Shadows:
Inner corner – Essence Duo 02 Sweetheart
Light orange – Inglot #10 AMC Shine
Brighter orange – Inglot #366 Matte
Red – Inglot #449 Pearl
Black – #63 AMC
Liquid Liner: Essence Liquid Liner #1 Black
Pencil Liner:  MAC Smoulder Eye Kohl
Gel Liner: Inglot Gel Liner in #77
Mascara: Maybelline Volume Express Cat Eyes
Lipstick: MAC Girl About Town (Amplified finish)

Hope you guys like it and leave any other band/music tutorial suggestions below 🙂

I have been slightly neglecting my blog recently but that was mainly due to issues with getting my mums camera but now I have my own so I will be blog-tastic from now on I swear.

Back to the task on hand, a while ago I came up with an idea of doing a “Chewin Of The Week” thing on my blog because music is such a massive part of my life, as well as make up, so I didn’t think it would be fair to leave it out.

So this weeks most loved song will be no surprise to anyone who follows me on twitter, its  a song from Blink 182’s new album Neighbourhoods which was leaked during the past week. The song in question is called Wishing Well. Now let me just start off by saying I had never really been a Blink182 fan for whatever reason I was just never able to get into them. But, on Wednesday I got the link off a friend and said I would listen to it straight through with an open mind, I fell in love.

While Tom DeLonge’s voice still irritates me for the most part its a really good album and will definitely make Blink fans very happy after the long 7 years gap of no new material. I liked the album so much that I’m now planning on going to their show in Dublin and maybe Belfast too? Shocker I know!

So here is the song itself: 

I absolutely love the chorus of this song it is just amazing!

“la da da da dadada la da da da dadadada la da da da dadada la da da da dadadada I went to a wishing well and sank to the ocean floor, got cut up by sharpened rocks and washed up along the shore, i reached for a shooting star it burned a hole through my hand, it made its way through my heart have fun in the promised land”

Have you heard the new Blink album? Do you like it?

What song have you been loving this week?

So I am, as I’m sure most of you are, a bit of a lipstick junkie at times. I LOVE lipsticks almost as much as mascara (and that’s saying something!).

Some of you may already know this but for those of you who don’t I’ll explain briefly, basically for the past I’d say year or so I have been on a hunt (and I mean hunt!) for a purple lipstick, not just a sort of plummy colour but a bright, no shimmer, full pigmentation Barney purple. Sadly I have not been able to find such a shade and no one else has been able to find one either (moo). So the other day I got a tweet from the lovely Laura or FitznBitz saying to check out her post about the new Kate Moss Rimmel lipsticks that there was a purple, the second I seen it I was like “Yes, I’ll be ‘avin’ that thank you”, its still not exactly the shade I’m after but its certainly the closest I have found so far and at Rimmel prices? Happy days! So off I went to Boots to get said lipstick and I also wanted a black one for a series I’m gonna start on my YouTube soon. There was a 3 for 2 offer so naturally 3 had to be gotten.

Firstly, we have the entire reason for the trip which was the Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in 04 Rossetto (€6.95) . Its a very dark and vampy type plum colour but personally I love it! Bit of a matte light brown shadow, thick black liner? You’d be only gorgeous! I really like how the purple contrasts with the yellow in my hair. I can definitely see myself wearing this very soon.

Next we have the other lipstick I had intended on buy which is the Barry M lip paint in 37 (€6.75) which is their straight black colour. As I’m sure many of you are aware black lipstick is becoming quite popular recently and I’d been wanting one for a while but could never totally justify it, but now with an upcoming tutorial series I’ll be doing on good ole YouTube I knew the black would be needed. I have to say I was a little bit scared of it (as were my friends) BUT I kind of love it! I think it kind of suits me in a weird way, not sure how well it would suit me with dark hair but I think it looks nice with the blonde (sorry, yellow) . Now just to get the courage to leave the house with it on.

Lastly was a bit of an impulse (but sure it was free!), years ago me and my friends bought this lipstick ages ago thinking it was a for real green lipstick but its more of a gimmick than anything. Its Barry M lip paint in 124 (€6.75). As I said this one is mainly just a bit of a giggle from people’s reaction. In the tube it is a vibrant true green but once it touches the skin it changes to a like vibrant pink lip balm that is also a stain? For me it comes out as a “your lips but better” shade. It feels like a lip balm and lasts for ages, love it.

Have any of you picked up a Kate Moss lipstick? And would you rock a black lip?

And of course if any of you know where I can get my Barney lipstick please let me know.

I am a very big fan of using bright bright colours on my eyes, I’ve never been one to shy away from going a bit crazy with colour. One of my favourite looks to do all summer has been this purple one, I’ve done it numerous times in the past few months and especially since I’ve bleached my hair.

Right so now for some products:

Crystal (frost) eyeshadow
Carbon (matte) eyeshadow
Noir Plum (LE mega metal) eyeshadow
Smoulder eye kohl
Painterly paintpot
Docile lipglass
Quite The Thing! (sheen supreme) lipstick

#446 (pearl)
#71 (AMC)
#482 (D.S)
#351 (matte)

Abyss precision ink

Falsies black drama mascara
One By One mascara
Here’s the tutorial itself if you haven’t already seen it :

Decided to start doing these Product Of  The Week posts let me know what you guys think 🙂

Right so down to it, the product I have been LOVING this week (well for a few weeks actually) is MAC’s Crystal eyeshadow.

The specifics: its is a Frost finish and MAC describes it as a “Violet duochrome with pearl”  and it is the usual 1.5g of product for €15.

This eyeshadow is IMPOSSIBLE to get a decent photo of due to the lilac reflects in it so I do apologise for that.

So last Christmas I got a MAC quad off my parents and Crystal was in it, soon after I bought my two 20 pan Inglot palettes and kinda forgot about the MAC ones (I know shame on me!)

But recently I was doing my make up and just wanted to do something with colour, purple to be specific, so I pulled out all my eyeshadow’s and came across Crystal, I had never used it!

So I used it as an extended inner corner highlight and my god! I was hooked! It completely transformed the look, it gave my eyes an instant brightness. It was a shinning purple highlight without being too in your face due to it being a duo-chrome. Being a frost it it doesn’t have amazing colour pay-off but I only use it as a highlight colour it doesn’t bother me.

I adore this eyeshadow and I have found myself doing purple eye looks more and more often. I also have a tutorial on said purple look which is down below there for you to check out :

And a few pictures:

All in all I love Crystal, next time your at a MAC counter just swatch it and see it for yourself (cameras do it no justice).

So yesterday I had some time to kill before my bus came so I went into a local pharmacy with the intention of getting a glitter liner from Essence but sadly that was not meant to be. However, I have so much love for Essence Colour&Go nail polishes in my mind they are the best polishes out there, and for a mere €1.29? Sure how could you go wrong. I adore glitter nail polishes they so fun and girly and remind me of being a little kid, they’re also very in right now!

Once I seen their Space Queen polish I knew I had to have it! Its very clear with tonnes and tonnes of  multi-coloured reflects in it, I think it would be gorgeous over almost every shade. So with that already in hand I seen Sweet As Candy which is the prettiest pale cotton candy pink, how could I not get them both?

Both shades are relatively pale and to get the pink to a semi-solid colour you need roughly 3 thick coats and even then its not going to be an in your face colour but its does make your nails look healthy. It’s just really nude and subtle, I just love it. so over the 3 coats of the pink I applied 2 coats of Space Queen to really build up the glitter. All in all I love these polishes and think everyone should check them out.