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So… long time no blog.

It’s been almost a year since I last used my blog, same with my YouTube and recently I’ve been really wanting to get back into either or both. I’ve a feeling for the moment I’ll just stick to blogging.

A lot has happened in a year, I’ve lost people I loved but I also feel I have grown up a lot more.

At the moment I feel a bit stuck in a rut with everything in my life so… I’m gonna make myself get back into doing something creative as a hobby and an outlet, to keep me sane really.

I have a lot of ideas for posts so I’d be expecting some fairly regular ones coming soon, although I’m not just going to have it about make up and what not, basically about anything that interests me, I feel I’ll get less bored that way.

Anyways, hope any of you reading it will help support my blog and read it.