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Song Of The Week: Green Day – Nuclear Family

Probably no surprises here that it’s a Green Day song considering their newest album, ¡Uno!, was released here in Ireland on Friday. I am contemplating doing a full review of the album but, I don’t want it to just be a huge ramble about my love for the band, so we’ll see if that one actually happens.

Nuclear Family is the first track from ¡Uno! and what a way to start. The intro of it really sounds like old Green Day, something a lot of people including myself were excited to hear. The intro does sounds a lot like a new take on Welcome To Paradise, which some people seem not to like but I for one don’t see the issue. In my opinion this is the catchiest song on the album and the one that literally makes me want to dance around and sing along, and to me that’s a big thing, if a song can do that then I’m bound to love it.

I love the video for it as well, their videos for other songs on the album haven’t exactly been my cup of tea but this I like. Its just them in a practise room doing what they do best, there’s no bullshit about it just a good ole performance video. Also as a little side note I’m kind of in love with the new leopard print and glittery instrument look they’re going for now, it’s me all over.

Here’s a few links of places to keep up to date with Green Day going on’s;
Green Day‘s website, obviously for all the official band announcements.
Green Day Authority a fan run site that basically has everything you would want to know from magazine covers to release dates they have it covered.
Warner Music Ireland these will have Irish exclusive updates and release dates.
-There’s also the Green Day Ireland Twitter and Facebook  as well that occasionally have competitions (they have one running right now for a bottle of Green Day hot sauce!), updates and the like.

Let me know if I should do a whole review on ¡UNO! 🙂


Green Day Album Artwork: Nimrod

So here is the second instalment of my Green Day inspired make up tutorials. I really am loving doing these so so much so thank you for all the positive feedback.

This weeks tutorial was Nimrod. I have to say I think this was one I was looking forward to the most, I’m not entirely sure why, it may have been because I love the colour yellow so much or because I wanted an excuse to wear the black lipstick. Either way I was really pumped for this one.

So here is the artwork itself:

As you can see the obvious colours are bright, bold yellow and black, I also wanted to incorporate some grey in there too. this this is what I can up with:

Primer: MAC Painterly paint pot
Eye shadows:
White: Inglot #496 D.S. finish
Yellow: Inglot #474 D.S. finish
Grey :  
MAC Print satin finish
Inglot #63 AMC finish
Liquid liner:
Illamasqua precision ink in Abyss
Pencil liner:
 MAC Smoulder eye kohl
Maybelline Volume Express Cat Eyes
Barry M lip paint in #37

I really hope you like this look because it is definitely one of my favourites.

FOTN : Frank Turner in Whelans

So last night I was going to see them amazing Frank Turner in Whelans last night (for only €13.50? Bargain!). Before I get into my make up can I just say how mind blowingly amazing he was? I had heard good things about him but nothing prepared me for how goo the show actually was. If you havent heard of him go give him a listen because I guarantee you wont regret it. He’s like Mumford & Sons but a bit more on the punk side, just amazing. Songs I would recommend are Reasons Not To Be An Idiot, Photosynthesis, The Road and The Real Damage. Oh and did I mention he’s rather easy on the eyes too?

Anyways on to the general point of this post which is what I was wearing on my face to said gig.

Foundation: MAC ProLongwear in NC15
Concealer:  Garnier Eye Roll-on, Inglot Cream Concealer (#)
Powder: Inglot Loose Powder (#11)
Blush: Natural Collection in Pink Cloud
Highlight:  Virgin from urban Decay’s Naked Pallete
Lips: Rossetto from the Kate Moss for Rimmel (swatches here)

Primer: MAC Painterly paint pot
Eye Shadows:
(all from Urban Decay Naked Palette)
Inner corner & lower lash line – Half Baked

All over lid – Naked
Crease – Buck
Centre of lid – Smog
Outer corner – Hustle
Liquid Eye Liner:  Illamasqua Precision Ink in Abyss
Gel Liner: Inglot gel liner #77
Mascara: (this got a little out of hand)
Maybelline – Cat Eyes, Falsies AND One By One 

Green Day Album Artwork Tutorials: International Superhits

As I am sure many of you are aware I am a massive Green Day fan and have been since the tender age of 7. Green Day have always had a massive influence on me from my personality, the clothes I wear, friends I have made the whole package really. I have never wanted my blog or YouTube to be just about make up because then it wouldn’t be true to me, I have always wanted to incorporate my love of music into it as well so here it is.


This series came from a conversation with my lovely friend Amy who suggested I do Green Day tutorials which in turn has become the idea of creating make up looks based the artwork of Green Day albums, which has already proven to be harder than you would assume due to the very small colour range seen in their artwork, but where’s the fun without a challenge right? Every week (or so) I will pick an album name from this thing and do a tutorial based on the artwork of said album.

The first one to come out was International Superhits which is a compilations album but an album none the less.

Here’s the artwork:

As you can see the prominant colours are red, orange, pink and black, and here is the look I came up with:

As you can see it doesn’t look too over the top and I think MAC’s Girl About Town is the perfect shade of pink for this look.

Primer: MAC Painterly paint pot
Eye Shadows:
Inner corner – Essence Duo 02 Sweetheart
Light orange – Inglot #10 AMC Shine
Brighter orange – Inglot #366 Matte
Red – Inglot #449 Pearl
Black – #63 AMC
Liquid Liner: Essence Liquid Liner #1 Black
Pencil Liner:  MAC Smoulder Eye Kohl
Gel Liner: Inglot Gel Liner in #77
Mascara: Maybelline Volume Express Cat Eyes
Lipstick: MAC Girl About Town (Amplified finish)

Hope you guys like it and leave any other band/music tutorial suggestions below 🙂

COTW: Blink 182 – Wishing Well

I have been slightly neglecting my blog recently but that was mainly due to issues with getting my mums camera but now I have my own so I will be blog-tastic from now on I swear.

Back to the task on hand, a while ago I came up with an idea of doing a “Chewin Of The Week” thing on my blog because music is such a massive part of my life, as well as make up, so I didn’t think it would be fair to leave it out.

So this weeks most loved song will be no surprise to anyone who follows me on twitter, its  a song from Blink 182’s new album Neighbourhoods which was leaked during the past week. The song in question is called Wishing Well. Now let me just start off by saying I had never really been a Blink182 fan for whatever reason I was just never able to get into them. But, on Wednesday I got the link off a friend and said I would listen to it straight through with an open mind, I fell in love.

While Tom DeLonge’s voice still irritates me for the most part its a really good album and will definitely make Blink fans very happy after the long 7 years gap of no new material. I liked the album so much that I’m now planning on going to their show in Dublin and maybe Belfast too? Shocker I know!

So here is the song itself: 

I absolutely love the chorus of this song it is just amazing!

“la da da da dadada la da da da dadadada la da da da dadada la da da da dadadada I went to a wishing well and sank to the ocean floor, got cut up by sharpened rocks and washed up along the shore, i reached for a shooting star it burned a hole through my hand, it made its way through my heart have fun in the promised land”

Have you heard the new Blink album? Do you like it?

What song have you been loving this week?

COTW #1 : Jimmy Eat World – Coffee and Cigarette’s

As well as doing a Product Of The Week post I’m also going to to be doing a Choon OF The Week post where I’ll basically just tell you what song I’ve addicted to that week (let me know if you like these kinda thing).

So ever since seeing Jimmy Eat World at Oxegen I have been absolutely in love with them.

I’ve been a Jimmy fan for years and their well known song The Middle  has always been a huge favourite of mine so when I heard they were playing I was really excited to see them.

They played on the Sunday and it lashed rain for about 75% of their set but I remember when they started playing Coffee and Cigarettes I just could not stop smiling. This song just puts me in an instant happy, smiley mood and I just love the chorus of it.

Its just a beautiful song and well worth having a listen to.

It’s available to download from iTunes , let me know what you think of it.

What’s been your favourite song of the week? ( I’m nosey ya see)