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Quick Boots Haul

Firstly, people need to accompany me to Boots to ensure I only buy what I had originally intended on buying, I’m too broke for all these special offers. My purse begs you! But, I did make a rather lovely saving of a whopping €14.75 so that makes me feel a little better about it.

Right, so I was originally only going to Boots to get my life saving John Frieda Tone Correcting purple shampoo but the its was 3 for 2 on all hair products so I went a little crazy.

As I already mentioned I was in need of my beloved purple shampoo because I have like one more wash left in the bottle I have and without it my hair turns the most revolting colour. I am planning on doing  blog post on this very soon so look out for that. I picked up two bottles of it purely because I know I will need it so I may as well while its on offer. The shampoo itself is €6.49 but worth its weight in gold!



Also since it was 3 for 2 I picked up two bottles of the Aussie Re-constructor 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner, €5.69. These conditioners do wonders for your hair, it wasn’t until mine ran out that I realised how much of a difference it makes to the condition of my hair. It is technically a hair masque but I use it every time I wash my hair. Did I mention it smells like bubblegum? YUM!

That was four products so naturally I needed two more. The first was the Got2B Guardian Angel heat protection spray €5.19. I have never used a heat protectant ( I know, shoot me!) but since my hair is rather damaged from the bleach I felt it was time I was a little nicer to it. I haven’t used it yet but it smells really fresh and lovely. And the final hair product was the Umberto Giannini Backcomb In A Bottle €8.29. Firstly I thought the price was a bit much but I’ve heard such good things about it on YouTube and in blogs that I just splurged on it. It smells gorgeous and anything that will save me backcombing my hair is good with me.

Finally, I was in need of a new face exfoliator so I got the Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel face scrub €4.04. I was just looking for something cheap and simple to do me for the mean time. It has a quite menthol smell as can be expected with the Witch Hazel. I’m excited to try it out and let you all know how it works.


Do blondes really have more fun?

So ever since I was roughly 15/16 I have wanted bleached hair, spending my teenage years around the local gig scene with hair ranging from jet black to bright green I’d always been around a rainbow of people. But, with parents who are qualified hair dressers they’re main concern was always about how damaging it would be to my hair, blah, blah ,blah. So I had put it off for years and years always chickening out and coming up with excuses not to, partly because I knew my parents would flip and also because I was worried I’d look ridiculous.

This year in general has been a very adventurous year when it comes to my hair, I went from having very long very thick hair to cutting it into a lopsided bob type style, with one side almost hitting my shoulder and the other cut “boy” short.

I was already making big changes so I said “ah sure why not” to getting my friend to bleach it, so Saturday around lunchtime we began mixing up a concoction of Jerome Russell bleaching products available at Boots and Amazon (all of which can be found here). For the first bleaching we used three sachets of the Jerome Russel Bblonde Powder Bleach Highlift mixed with three bottles on the Jerome Russel Bblonde Cream Peroxide 40 Vol. I left this on for roughly an hour and ten minutes. The pain was so so bad! But I just assumed it was me being a baby about it so I just left the bleach on.

The problem with the bleach being blue was that it was highly deceiving, as you can see from the photo below it made it look like my hair was WHITE, but when you washed it out it was a totally different story!

My hair was a really horrible brassy orange colour ( NOT what I had hoped for!), so I dried it and that took some of the brassiness away but it was still a bit orange for my liking so on went the second bleaching.

By this stage the back of my head felt like it was on fire so I didn’t put any more on there. It took another two sachets and bottles to finish my hair. The burning pain on my scalp was just horrendous but I still just assumed I had a very low pain threshold and left it on for roughly 45 minutes. After washing it out the second time and drying it, a lot of the brassiness had been taken out and I was left with a “glowing” yellowy bleach look, I know this would not be everyone’s cup of tea but I don’t mind it.

All in all I’m pretty pleased with the end result of hair, I like the colour, and it doesn’t feel like straw, although my hair has dried out a lot from the bleaching but my hair tended to be quite oily and a bit too silky so the fact its not a little drier is perfect for me. The downside is that my scalp was seriously burned by bleach and I do have burn marks and scabs on my head from that so do definitely be careful about putting peroxide on your scalp. I will be doing a post in a week or two about the “after care” products I’m using and if I’ve seen a significant difference. I also have a video up about bleaching my hair, the products, etc.

So what you guys think? Love it? Hate it? Let me know.