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Garnier Simply Essentials – 2 in 1 Make Up Remover

If you don’t want to have to read the whole thing here’s my summarised opinion : AMAZING!. 

This make up remover is hands down something I will (and have) repurchase over and over. You can get it anywhere; Tesco, Boots, Dunnes Stores and it’s only €3.99 for 200ml (its 2 for €6 in Boots at the minute). I use this as an eye make up remover, it isn’t exclusively meant to be used as one but, it is one of those make up removers with a liquid then an oil layer on top that you mix up then use, and with me having oily skin? I definitely wouldn’t use it on the rest of my face. Over the past few months I got back into using my Inglot gel liner in #77 as my regular eye-liner, I love this liner but it is a pain to get off, but this removes it like a dream. Just shake it up, pour on a cotton pad, hold on your eye and it loosens up and removes the eye-liner without rubbing your eyelid.

I’ve done a little experiment, I put 3 different black eye-liners (gel, liquid and pencil) and a matte black eye shadow over a primer on my hand to show how well this works. I used the above mentioned god send Garnier remover, the Simple Kind To Eyes make up remover and the Nivea Daily Essentials face wipes. Each only got five passes over each type of liner/shadow without using mass amounts of pressure.

Nivea Daily Essentials face wipes.
These were up first, it was a brand new unopened pack so they were very moist. These didn’t really impress but they did do an alright job on the gel liner. I did eventually get all of the black off my hand using these but it did involve quite a bit of scrubbing.

Simple Kind To Eyes eye make up remover.

This worked better on the pencil, eye shadow and liquid liner but it failed miserably on the gel liner. This used to be my go to eye make up remover before I started using the gel liner, it was cheap, didn’t irritate me eyes and did an alright job. But this cannot stand up to the Inglot liner at all, you could scrub for days and it wouldn’t move an inch. I do still always have a bottle of this handy though because while I love my Garnier one, it is oil based so I use the Simple one to get the excess oil off my face.

Garnier 2-in-1 make up remover.

As I have already said, this removes make up like a dream. There is no scrubbing involved at all and it is really gentle on the eye area. As I’ve already said the only down side is that I feel the need for another remover to get the excess oil off my face to prevent break outs. I also use this for cleaning eye liner brushes, if you have ever used gel liner you will know it hardens onto the bristles making them difficult to work with, so using this after you’ve used the liner keeps everything nice and clean.

As I said at the beginning, I think this product is amazing and definitely a cheaper alternative to the Bi-Facil from Lancôme.

Have you tried this?


Song Of The Week: Green Day – Nuclear Family

Probably no surprises here that it’s a Green Day song considering their newest album, ¡Uno!, was released here in Ireland on Friday. I am contemplating doing a full review of the album but, I don’t want it to just be a huge ramble about my love for the band, so we’ll see if that one actually happens.

Nuclear Family is the first track from ¡Uno! and what a way to start. The intro of it really sounds like old Green Day, something a lot of people including myself were excited to hear. The intro does sounds a lot like a new take on Welcome To Paradise, which some people seem not to like but I for one don’t see the issue. In my opinion this is the catchiest song on the album and the one that literally makes me want to dance around and sing along, and to me that’s a big thing, if a song can do that then I’m bound to love it.

I love the video for it as well, their videos for other songs on the album haven’t exactly been my cup of tea but this I like. Its just them in a practise room doing what they do best, there’s no bullshit about it just a good ole performance video. Also as a little side note I’m kind of in love with the new leopard print and glittery instrument look they’re going for now, it’s me all over.

Here’s a few links of places to keep up to date with Green Day going on’s;
Green Day‘s website, obviously for all the official band announcements.
Green Day Authority a fan run site that basically has everything you would want to know from magazine covers to release dates they have it covered.
Warner Music Ireland these will have Irish exclusive updates and release dates.
-There’s also the Green Day Ireland Twitter and Facebook  as well that occasionally have competitions (they have one running right now for a bottle of Green Day hot sauce!), updates and the like.

Let me know if I should do a whole review on ¡UNO! 🙂

Make Up Forever – Star Powder in #941


So I recently turned 21 and as part of my birthday present I got a Grab-One voucher for the Face 2 store in Dublin, with the voucher I bought the Star Powder along with a foundation and concealer (I’ll be doing a review on them soon).

You pay €10 for 0.4g of product which seems a lot but when I thought about it I’d only be using it as an inner corner highlight so it will last me for ages.

The powder is a very slightly off white colour filled with tiny pieces of silver glitter. It is extremely finely milled and surprisingly you don’t get that much fall out considering how much glitter is in it.

The best way I have found to use it is to add a tiny bit of primer/cream eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eye then gently pat this on with a Real Techniques – Accent Brush which is absolutely tiny but work perfectly for this.

Used correctly it can really brighten up your inner corner and look beautiful but, believe me a little goes a long way otherwise it will look way too over the top. I just use what’s in the lid and it means you don’t end up with too much on your brush.

Have you tried this? What were your thoughts?

So… long time no blog.

It’s been almost a year since I last used my blog, same with my YouTube and recently I’ve been really wanting to get back into either or both. I’ve a feeling for the moment I’ll just stick to blogging.

A lot has happened in a year, I’ve lost people I loved but I also feel I have grown up a lot more.

At the moment I feel a bit stuck in a rut with everything in my life so… I’m gonna make myself get back into doing something creative as a hobby and an outlet, to keep me sane really.

I have a lot of ideas for posts so I’d be expecting some fairly regular ones coming soon, although I’m not just going to have it about make up and what not, basically about anything that interests me, I feel I’ll get less bored that way.

Anyways, hope any of you reading it will help support my blog and read it.