Make up, music, moustaches and all that good stuff

So here is the second instalment of my Green Day inspired make up tutorials. I really am loving doing these so so much so thank you for all the positive feedback.

This weeks tutorial was Nimrod. I have to say I think this was one I was looking forward to the most, I’m not entirely sure why, it may have been because I love the colour yellow so much or because I wanted an excuse to wear the black lipstick. Either way I was really pumped for this one.

So here is the artwork itself:

As you can see the obvious colours are bright, bold yellow and black, I also wanted to incorporate some grey in there too. this this is what I can up with:

Primer: MAC Painterly paint pot
Eye shadows:
White: Inglot #496 D.S. finish
Yellow: Inglot #474 D.S. finish
Grey :  
MAC Print satin finish
Inglot #63 AMC finish
Liquid liner:
Illamasqua precision ink in Abyss
Pencil liner:
 MAC Smoulder eye kohl
Maybelline Volume Express Cat Eyes
Barry M lip paint in #37

I really hope you like this look because it is definitely one of my favourites.


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