Make up, music, moustaches and all that good stuff

I have been slightly neglecting my blog recently but that was mainly due to issues with getting my mums camera but now I have my own so I will be blog-tastic from now on I swear.

Back to the task on hand, a while ago I came up with an idea of doing a “Chewin Of The Week” thing on my blog because music is such a massive part of my life, as well as make up, so I didn’t think it would be fair to leave it out.

So this weeks most loved song will be no surprise to anyone who follows me on twitter, its  a song from Blink 182’s new album Neighbourhoods which was leaked during the past week. The song in question is called Wishing Well. Now let me just start off by saying I had never really been a Blink182 fan for whatever reason I was just never able to get into them. But, on Wednesday I got the link off a friend and said I would listen to it straight through with an open mind, I fell in love.

While Tom DeLonge’s voice still irritates me for the most part its a really good album and will definitely make Blink fans very happy after the long 7 years gap of no new material. I liked the album so much that I’m now planning on going to their show in Dublin and maybe Belfast too? Shocker I know!

So here is the song itself: 

I absolutely love the chorus of this song it is just amazing!

“la da da da dadada la da da da dadadada la da da da dadada la da da da dadadada I went to a wishing well and sank to the ocean floor, got cut up by sharpened rocks and washed up along the shore, i reached for a shooting star it burned a hole through my hand, it made its way through my heart have fun in the promised land”

Have you heard the new Blink album? Do you like it?

What song have you been loving this week?


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