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So yesterday I had some time to kill before my bus came so I went into a local pharmacy with the intention of getting a glitter liner from Essence but sadly that was not meant to be. However, I have so much love for Essence Colour&Go nail polishes in my mind they are the best polishes out there, and for a mere €1.29? Sure how could you go wrong. I adore glitter nail polishes they so fun and girly and remind me of being a little kid, they’re also very in right now!

Once I seen their Space Queen polish I knew I had to have it! Its very clear with tonnes and tonnes of  multi-coloured reflects in it, I think it would be gorgeous over almost every shade. So with that already in hand I seen Sweet As Candy which is the prettiest pale cotton candy pink, how could I not get them both?

Both shades are relatively pale and to get the pink to a semi-solid colour you need roughly 3 thick coats and even then its not going to be an in your face colour but its does make your nails look healthy. It’s just really nude and subtle, I just love it. so over the 3 coats of the pink I applied 2 coats of Space Queen to really build up the glitter. All in all I love these polishes and think everyone should check them out.


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