Make up, music, moustaches and all that good stuff

As well as doing a Product Of The Week post I’m also going to to be doing a Choon OF The Week post where I’ll basically just tell you what song I’ve addicted to that week (let me know if you like these kinda thing).

So ever since seeing Jimmy Eat World at Oxegen I have been absolutely in love with them.

I’ve been a Jimmy fan for years and their well known song The Middle  has always been a huge favourite of mine so when I heard they were playing I was really excited to see them.

They played on the Sunday and it lashed rain for about 75% of their set but I remember when they started playing Coffee and Cigarettes I just could not stop smiling. This song just puts me in an instant happy, smiley mood and I just love the chorus of it.

Its just a beautiful song and well worth having a listen to.

It’s available to download from iTunes , let me know what you think of it.

What’s been your favourite song of the week? ( I’m nosey ya see)




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